Story of guts and gusto

Mikron Theatre Company
Mikron Theatre Company

Mikron Theatre Company will bring its successful new show ‘Troupers’ to the Stubbing Wharf pub, Hebden Bridge, on Tuesday, October 14 at 7.30pm.

Now on their 43rd tour around the country by inland waterway on their vintage narrowboat Tyseley, Mikron will commemorate frontline entertainment during the First world War with a stirring story of courage and comradeship.

Set in 1914, the play will follow the fortunes of a motley crew of entertainers, brought together by actor-manager Lena Ashwell, to bring light relief to the troops on the muddy, bloody battlefields of France.

The little-told story will bring to life the audacious concerts at the Front and the guts, greasepaint and gusto that made them happen.

Marianne McNamara, Mikron’s artistic director, said: “By telling Lena Ashwell’s story, we are telling the story of the place the arts had, and still have, in a struggling society.

“We are interested in having a central character who is female at a point in history which is often told from a male perspective.”

The cast includes Nicholas Coutu-Langmead, Jill Myers, John Holt-Roberts and Esther-Grace Button.

There is no need to buy a ticket for the show but a collection will be taken at the end. For more information contact 0144 844107.