Swing Out by Robin Harris & Friends - Square Chapel Centre for the Arts

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Classic jazz swing is something we could do with more of in Calderdale – or anywhere in the world for that matter!

Returning to his roots in Halifax, Robin Harris again graces the Halifax Festival with five of his most exciting musical friends.

Robin’s CV alone draws you to this concert – this guy really has been everywhere ‘it’s at’!

Adventurous to a fault, he has imposed his enormous talent across the globe, in myriad roles and in an amazing and eclectic musical world.

What distinguishes Robin and his fellow musicians is their blatant curiosity for absorbing, accessing and permeating new forms, new sounds and an enormous panoply of musical styles.

This extraordinarily skilled sextet, Robin, Laurence Corns, Saleem Raman, Jay Darwish and Steve Chadwick, musicians who would be happy to pass for ‘the young men of jazz’, together with stunning, lusciously-voiced chanteuse Tiffany Schellenburg, indulged us in fleeting, casual relationships with a froth of young women.

Dinah, Caledonia, Kate, Lola amongst others, including some vocals in seductive French, subtly caressing and rousing our warmest sentiments: solo ‘spots’ were subtly and spontaneously applauded.

Jazz standards including “Lola” – that’s the one ‘who gets what she wants’ and “Bewitched” – that’s the one who is also ‘bothered and bewildered’ were stunning with the evening completed by Leonard Cohen’s “Dance me to the End of Love”.

Superb musicians, presenting beautifully formed ensemble performances enchanted an ecstatic full-house of mature cognoscenti.

Treats are occasional and, therefore, massively enjoyable: this treat would be welcome as part of a staple diet EVERY day!