The brilliant Bootleg Beatles!

Class act: The Bootleg Beatles on stage
Class act: The Bootleg Beatles on stage

The Bootleg Beatles

Victoria Theatre, Halifax

The brilliant Bootleg Beatles, backed by some evocative projected visuals, joyously transported a capacity crowd back to the sixties and reminded them, as if they needed reminding, that the Beatles were musicians and songwriters of pure genius.

Enigmatic John (new member Adam Hastings) of the rasping voice and laconic sense of humour. Impossibly youthful Paul (David Catlin-Birch), sweet-toned, wagging his head that way he did. George ((Andre Barreau), guitarist extraordinaire, always vaguely enigmatic and thoughtful of mien.

And Ringo (Hugo Degehardt) playing his drums so skilfully in that slightly demented way he had. Superb musicians and singers every one – and uncanny dead ringers for the real thing, in all their phases and guises.

The black polos were soon spruced up with Epstein’s collarless jackets as they romped through some of the earlier hits and album tracks, every one a stand-out.

After the break Sergeant Pepper costumes heralded songs from the psychedelic era like Strawberry Fields, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and I Am The Walrus, all brilliantly played with the backing of a versatile little orchestra. Then White Album and Abbey Road songs, perfectly delivered in all their variety and complexity.

The Bootlegs make the convincing replication of this amazing music look so easy.

A class act which had the audience dancing in the aisles and roaring for more.

Roll on the next Bootleg gig!

Julia Anderson