The memories that made Edwin a mighty Mariner

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The Last Memory

Talking Stock Productions

A Halifax-based theatre company has been invited to perform its play The Last Memory - a poignant yet positive piece about dementia and family relationships - at Grimsby Town Football Club as part of Memories Week.

The two-hander is inspired by the real life story of Talking Stock producer and actress Catherine Pasek and her father Edwin who was born in Immingham and was a loyal supporter of the Mariners throughout his life. He died 18 months ago aged 88 having moved 10 years previously to Halifax to be near his daughter.

The play first toured in 2013 and then extensively in 2016. And there will be an additional performance on Saturday January 20 (7.30pm) at the Wellington Rooms, Wellington Street South, Halifax. (Tickets are £10 and the proceeds will go to local dementia charities).

The piece is based on stories, memories and experiences shared between Catherine who plays herself and her father who is played by Keith Royston. This is the first time it has been performed since Edwin’s death.

The Mariners’ Trust and the charity Sporting Memories Network got in touch after hearing about the drama which was written by award-winning Halifax playwright Alan Stockdill.

One of the key memories in the play features Edwin’s ability to name the top flight Grimsby Town team of 1938. even though his memory was fading.

“I’m so proud of my Dad who, despite his dementia, always clung tenaciously to who he was and tried to recall his melting memories right to the bitter end.” says Catherine.

“This will be the first tour of this wonderful play since his passing so somewhat emotional,” she continues.

The play will be performed in Grimsby on January 24, raising funds for the Sporting Memories Network.