The Sound of Music performed by Halifax Amateur Operatic Society, at The Victoria Theatre

A flock of nuns, a house in the middle of nowhere, a motherless family of children and a domineering father: not that promising you might think.

But it has turned out to be a stalwart of musical theatre. In 1959, such a short time after World War II, a storyline with such resonance for so many people and with so many tunes that became stand-alone hits, “The Sound of Music” was bound to be a massive hit and so it is in this production.

Becki Thompson, as Maria, was outstanding, providing the ‘engine’ for the performance with a beautifully controlled and consistent performance and in scenes with the children she provided a creative focus. Anne Woodhouse, as the Abbess, equally provided a focus for the impressively large group of musical nuns.

The actors playing the children were superb, particularly the three youngest, Jonah Carroll, Maisie Wood and Lucy Dewhirst as Kurt, Marta and Gretl.

An exceptional set, simple, dramatic and versatile with seamless scene changes, glorious singing with a ‘real’ orchestra in the pit provided the answer to the question ‘how do you follow Titanic!’ – answer, put on another professional and moving performance! Brilliant – well done: continues until Sunday – book now!