The stage is set for a scary werewolf horror comedy!

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Halloween may have come and gone but horror fans will still be able to get their thrills at Kill the Beast’s delightfully scary comedy ‘He had Hairy Hands’ which will haunt the stage at Square Chapel arts centre, Halifax, on Sunday, November 15.

Set in 1974 in the sleepy town of Hemlock-Under-Lye, the comedy revolves around a mysterious werewolf attack - and the detective work of the locals who are determined to uncover its true identity.

A mixture of Scooby Doo, The League of Gentlemen and The Wicker Man, the show has music by composer Ben Osborne.

He said: “Horror sountracks are an important influence on ‘He had Hairy Hands’, especially the soundtrack to ‘The Wicker Man’ - undoubtedly one of the best. It features acoustic instruments playing in modes (an old system of tonality that’s neither major nor minor), playing songs that are at once sweet, folksy and skin-crawling.

“The play’s director Clem Garritty and I have been discussing sounds that might give the play its own unique musical world - including the strange and haunting Theremin.”

‘He had Hairy Hands’ which has been critically acclaimed and won numerous awards, starts at 7.30pm.

Other shows at Square Chapel this autumn include:

l ‘Looking for Lansbury’ on Thursday, November 26, a look at the career of stage and screen icon Angela Lansbury, told through her interviews, memoirs and with live versions of her best-known stage appearances. See page 7 for full story.

l ‘The Doppel Gang’ on Wednesday, November 18, a play about an audacious attempt by a male impersonator and a desperate double act to save a theatre from closure.

l ‘Raymondo’ on Friday, November 27, a story of brotherhood, loss, incarceration, survival and desire, told in a funny, tender and lyrical way.

l Silent movie fans will enjoy the classic black-and-white film ‘Safety Last’, featuring comedy genius Harold Lloyd, on Thursday, November 19 at 8pm.

The silent movie star’s most famous comedy features him as a sales clerk in a department store who finds himself hanging off the hands of a clock on the side of a skyscraper in one of the film world’s best-known scenes. There will be live piano music by Darius Battiwalla.

For box office details contact 01422 349422.