Three alluring witches and one very lucky devil

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Be careful what you wish for!

On a stormy night, three women ostracised from their community dream up the perfect man……..and then he arrives in the form of Daryl Van Horne…….with the added spice that he is the devil in person!

The lives of the three women and the townsfolk are then changed forever.

Based on the 1987 cult film, ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ flies into the Victoria Theatre from April 9 to 12, performances at 7.15pm nightly).

It’s HAOS latest musical offering, and is a show packed with soaring songs, raucous dancing, hilarious comedy..…and flying witches!

Added to this cauldron of excitement is the added spice that it is directed by Halifax pantomime legend Neil Hurst. Directing a show on the Victoria Theatre stage should hold no fear for the Overgate Hospice ambassador, as he holds the record for the most appearances on it .

HAOS Productions commitment to producing spectacular musical theatre is matched by a spectacular opening night offer – all seats on opening night are two for £10.

To take advantage of this unique deal or to buy tickets for any performance, visit, or ring the Victoria Theatre on 01422 351158.