Walking with dinosaurs

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Fancy seeing a fight between two T-Rexes or the birth of a baby dinosaur?

A brand new family show, Jurassic Adventures, comes to the Victoria Theatre on Sunday February 26 (11.30am and 3.30pm) to transport its audience back to a time long ago.

Follow the adventures of Dr Grant and his team of intrepid explorers as they discover a magical island where dinosaurs rule.

The realistic dinosaurs are created with expert puppeteers using the latest hydraulic and puppeteering technology.

While the audience is wrapped up in the adventure unfolding on stage, they need to know that dinosaurs may roam among them too.

Tickets for this show are available from £17 with concessions available. Tickets online, www.victoriatheatre.co.uk or 01422 351158. Suitable for those three and over.