Whitby Steampunk Weekend at Whitby Pavilion, Saturday February 8 to Sunday February 9''More than 80 merchandise stalls offering artisan and bespoke Steampunk, alternative and unique Gothic products.''Steampunk is an aesthetic based on a mixture of science fiction and the 19th century style. It combines old with new, so expect to see modern day items made with wood, brass and copper as well as classic Victorian clothing, such as top hats, waistcoats, goggles, corsets, bustles and fascinators.'Includes cabaret on the Saturday.''Many events are free.

Take a look: 18 top festivals on the Yorkshire coast this year

From its nightmares and nature to its fish and ships, the Yorkshire Coast is preparing to launch its biggest and best ever year of festivals, combining megastars and home-grown heroes.

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