Three Moors from Ogden Reservoir ...

Beginning from the Ogden Reservoir car park [donation required], this relatively challenging 12 mile route offers fantastic views. Go through the gate next to where an ice cream van is usually parked [GR SE 065 309].

Saturday, 19th May 2018, 9:00 am

This follows the edge of the woodland surrounding the reservoir, and the track curves and climbs to meet a bridleway. Continue through a gate along the path until the wind turbines become almost level with you on the left. Here, descend a steep path to cross the river. The path clearly continues across Ovenden Moor. You’ll reach a gate at a distinct track; turn right and you’ll emerge next to an isolated building which was once The Withens pub.

Turn right along the road for a short while. Before it bends left, take the track leading to two farms. Skirt the edges of the furthest farm and orientate yourself towards the distinct anvil-shaped standing stone ahead. This open access land means the path isn’t always clear, but continue towards the stone and as you cross the peak of the moor, there are occasional cairns marking the path.

A gradual descent reveals Luddenden Dean ahead. You’ll cross a stile next to a turreted building. A way marker on the left indicates the next descent. Follow the way markers; the path becomes more precipitous and meets a road at the bottom, follow this to the right until a gate next to a turreted building and arched gateway. Follow the way marker up a steep climb back out of the dean.

Crossing a boundary wall, ahead the land flattens. You’ll join a bridleway briefly but turn left [the path is clear] and then right again, continuing in much the same direction. This is Wadsworth Moor – using a compass here would help your orientation. Begin to descend until a wall, the edge of the open access moorland. Turn left – this is the Calderdale Way [CW]; however, you won’t see a way marker for some time. You’re walking Keelham Edge and the CW snakes its way around the edge of the moorland, past Hebden Bridge Golf Club and turning back towards Luddenden.

Once you pick up the way markers for the Calderdale Way it becomes easier; just be aware that at GR SE 018 276, the path naturally begins to climb up to meet Crow Hill, but the CW veers right – there is a way marker, but you could easily pass it by.

This part of the walk is thankfully quite flat. You pass above Midgley before curving around to enter Luddenden Dean. Eventually reaching a metal gate, leave the moor; the CW follows the road down, bending left, then right – you won’t see many way-markers. At GR SE 033 277, walk down a driveway and through a small gate. Descend through a field, emerging on to Jerusalem Lane, with a small barn opposite. Turn right, then left at the sign indicating Jerusalem Farm. Descend through the woodland to cross a bridge at the bottom. Go straight up the other side of the bank, ignoring the confusing way marker indicating ‘Lower Mytholm’.

You’ll ascend, reaching a house, continue up ahead along a road until the way marker indicates the path up a track. This steep section winds through farmhouses until the very top. The CW crosses fields and farmland. Climb over the gated stile on the wall, turn right, then left at the way marker to pass another property, across more farmland. Less clear here but essentially keep going in the same direction. At the brick wall, next to a road, with a large building ahead, pass through the gap in the wall onto the road. Turn left and walk a short distance to Moor Bottom. Behind the gardens, there is a clear way marker where you can continue along the CW. At Hough Gate Head Farm cross Withens Road and walk approx. 0.25km until the path splits into three. Take the left-hand path, leaving the CW. Cross fields diagonally, then follow a wall past Slaughter Gap. You see the golf course ahead – cross this safely, climbing out the other side – the path is relatively clear. You’ll meet the bridleway running alongside the Ogden Country Park, turning right for a gentle stroll back to the beginning of this wonderful route.