Tickets from Hebden Bridge Duck Race go on sale

As the Easter Monday Duck Race draws nearer, anyone visiting Hebden Bridge this week will have already started to get a feeling that the town is getting ready to go Totally Quackers, as duck race posters start appearing in windows all over the town.

By Abigail Kellett
Monday, 4th April 2022, 3:00 pm

Roger Benn, organiser of the duck race for the Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge said: “A number of the shops, pubs and restaurants have put posters up advertising that they are selling £1 yellow duck race tickets for the main race which starts at 3.15pm, whilst others are displaying red, green or blue team posters, indicating they have bought £10 ducks for the business race which starts at 3pm.

"This year all the posters also display a QR code which passersby can scan, enabling them to go straight to the website and buy their ducks online”.

Roger continued, “We’ve also started selling the ducks in St Georges Square in Hebden Bridge on a weekend for the many visitors who come to the town to buy. It’s amazing how far some of them travel, often on a regular basis because they love the town and what it has to offer so much, Most bought tickets and have promised to come back on the day to enjoy the funfair, street and market stalls, entertainment and of the course the duck races themselves”.

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Tickets from Hebden Bridge Duck Race go on sale

Roger concluded, “We’ve had so many kind comments about the work we do in Rotary and how’s it’s so good to see us out and about in the town after a two year absence, that it makes all our hard work worthwhile. Now we just need people to buy more tickets, so we can help more people with the profits we make from the race”.

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