What's on: New exhibition opens up at Calderdale Industrial Museum

A new exhibition opened up at the weekend at Calderdale Industrial Museum in Halifax.

‘Ghosts’ is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Howard Priestley.

The exhibit is located in the museum on Square Road and will run until April 15.

Speaking about his work, Howard said: “Ghosts aren’t people, they are memories. Granted, most are thought to be just people but Halifax is haunted by buildings as much as anything. Those buildings belong to our past but are still around us even though nature has taken home in many which reminds us that we share the world with things much greater than us humans and if we no longer need them, nature will happily reclaim them. In doing so it reminds us what we once had and also how there is a new found beauty that haunts us and reminds of the path we once trod.”

Calderdale Industrial Museum is open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm and also Thursdays in the School Holidays.

Entry to the exhibition is included in the general entrance fee to the museum.

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