A Wonderful Life at the Rex cinema

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It really is a wonderful life at the Rex Cinema, Elland which is gearing up for the launch of the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens with a midnight screening on Wednesday, December 16.

And then at 10.30am on Christmas Eve the cinema will show one of the most enduring and loved films ever made - It’s a Wonderful Life at 10.30am.

And if that wasn’t enough this month’s organ concert which takes place on Sunday, December 20 at 2.30pm featuring Yorkshire organist David Lowe, also includes the Choir and Carol Singing Group of Elland Southgate Methodist Church with their organist Andrew Jacobs.

“We have a lot to offer this year,” said the Rex’s proprietor Charles Morris.

“The midnight screening is a new departure for us and the staff are looking forward to it.

“The Christmas organ concert is always a happy occasion and Christmas wouldn’t be complete without ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, a film which is guaranteed to put even the most cynical person in a good mood.

“We will be offering mince pies at this show, as well as free tea. We are also selling tickets in advance for the Star Wars midnight show and for It’s A Wonderful Life. People can call at the cinema or reserve by telephone.”

The Star Wars film is the seventh in an epic line-up created by George Lucas and the first of which was screened in 1977.

It’s A Wonderful Life was screened in 1946, starring James Stewart, Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore and has become a traditional treat at the Rex.

Frank Capra’s classic tells the tale of a small-town philanthropist whose loan company has gone bust and who is saved from suicide by an elderly angel (Henry Travers).