Bargain Hunt leaves our girls with a profit...of £1.50!

A PAIR of friends will continue their quest to conquer TV as they appear on BBC show Bargain Hunt today.

Heather Stanton, 43, and Ruth Hardy, 47, both from Heptonstall, will appear on the BBC1 show at 12.15pm.

Heather, a special needs support assistant and Ruth, a supply teacher, work together at Savile Park primary school.

To get in front of the camera they had to prove their bargain hunting worth with a series of interviews and applications.

Firstly they had to have a telephone interview before a role-play day in Leeds before being let loose at an antiques fair in July in Wetherby to buy their bargains.

The show sees two teams pitted against each other to see who can invest £300 the best, and find the best bargains to take to auction. The teams then wait nervously as their items go under the hammer.

Ruth and Heather who are both avid fancy dress fans, own around 300 items between them so it was no surprise their first item was an old army tin hat.

On the show each pair gets £300 to spend but our girls spent just £76 - and went on to win the show.

“We did win and came away with a £1.50 profit,” laughed Heather.

Their auction day was held at Calder Valley Auctioneers in August - which also recently welcomed the crew from Flog It!

The pair had an absolute blast filming their show.

“I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody. What an experience,” she said.

But it isn’t the first time the pair have been on TV.

Ruth applied for the two to appear on the show, but it is not their first TV appearance.

The pair have previously auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent as a pair of Russian dancers.

“It was a real comedy idea, I think we just need to work at being worse so we get on the show next time,” said Heather.

They are also familiar faces to the villagers of Heptonstall as they regularly appear as judges in the annual talent competition, and in the festive pantomime.

They will both be gathered around the TV today and hope their pupils will also keep an eye out to see their BBC debut.