Film of Ripper’s life to be released on DVD

Monster: Walt Kissack plays the serial killer in the new film
Monster: Walt Kissack plays the serial killer in the new film

A CONTROVERSIAL new film about the life of Yorkshire’s most notorious serial killer, The Yorkshire Ripper, will be available on DVD release next week.

‘Peter - A Portrait of a Serial Killer’, the first dramatisation of the Ripper’s life, will be released on October 24.

The film follows Sutcliffe, who mudered 13 women and attacked seven others during a five-year-spree int he late 70s, from childhood to his arrest, trial and imprisonment in 1981.

He was initially sent to Parkhurst prison but was later moved to Broadmoor secure hospital where he has been incarcerated since 1983.

Sheffield-based actor Walt Kissack plays the title role and the film uses of genuine archive footage to help tell the story.

Director Skip Kite said: “There are no easy answers here, this film asks the audience to face their own feelings about retribution, vengeance, forgiveness and compassion.

“Filmmaking is a process of compromise and perhaps that is true of life.”

The film will not go on general release in cinemas but will be available on DVD from October 24.

Sutcliffe murdered Halifax building Society worker Josephine Whitaker, 19, in April 1979.

He also attacked another woman, Olive Smelt, in Boothtown, in August 1975, but she survived the ordeal.