Halifax chef’s Yorkshire Pudding and Mars Bar to be served on BBC’s Countryfile

Mars Bar Yorkshire Pudding
Mars Bar Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding and Mars Bar is being served by a Halifax chef on BBC One.

World Yorkshire Pudding Champion Chris Blackburn is showcasing what’s great about Yorkshire on Sunday’s Countryfile.

In the programme, he showed presenter Matt Baker the culinary creation of mixing batter with a bar.

Sickly and savoury might be the initial reaction but chef Chris said adding mint to the batter takes away and over-sweet edge.

The Mars Bar is frozen before going in the oven and once cooked the finished product oozes chocolate sauce.

Chris said: “Get creative with your Yorkshire pudding. We need to keep the tradition of the Yorkshire Pudding - every Yorkshire person should know how to make them - none of this buying frozen.”

To see the recipe visit www.yorkshirepudd.co.uk