Happy Valley drugs link angers residents

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Some residents of the Calder Valley have raised concerns over the new BBC One series Happy Valley giving the district a bad name.

The series, which is due to air at 9pm this evening, was filmed atlocations across Calderdale including at Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge.

The series was written by Last Tango in Halifax writer Sally Wainwright who used the Happy Valley name to highlight some of the drug-related issues highlighted in the drama.

She said: “It’s a nickname that the police have because of the drug taking.

“There’s a double meaning however, as the majority of people find it a very beautiful place to live and I’m so glad that we got to film there as it looks stunning on screen.”

Courier reader Nicholas Mills said that the Happy Valley nickname historically refers to the Hebden Valley and not the Calder Valley.

He said: “This was the name local people gave it as a term of endearment due to the gossip surrounding the increase in greenhouses and the correlation with a handful individuals of court cases involving private cannabis cultivation in the mid-late 1980s.

“It was nothing to do with hard class A drugs and associated crime,” he added.