Holdsworth House items to be featured with other Halifax treasures in Antiques Roadshow episode

Holdsworth Houses owner Gail Moss (right) with Antiques Roadshow expert Lisa Lloyd
Holdsworth Houses owner Gail Moss (right) with Antiques Roadshow expert Lisa Lloyd

Thousands of people gathered at The Piece Hall last summer to see what treasures had been brought for the experts of the Antiques Roadshow - and one Calderdale hotel had something very special to share.

Holdsworth House Hotel and Restaurant, Halifax, will feature on the BBC One show on Sunday (March 3) with an interesting item for the experts to see.

Elizabeth Howe, Holdsworth House Marketing, said: "With plenty to choose from within the halls of our Jacobean manor, it was (inconveniently!) the largest and heaviest item, that caught the eye of the Roadshow antique experts.

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"Since 1963 the Holdsworth House Hotel ‘witches cupboard’ doors have hung on the wall in the restaurant. They’re a familiar site to regular diners and even The Beatles’ John Lennon commented on them, when he stayed here on his birthday in 1964."

The large doors, which are probably oak, were acquired by the Pearson family, owners of Holdsworth House, from an antique dealer in Bakewell in around 1962.

Elizabeth continued: "Measuring over a metre tall, and with curious masonic symbols (or so we thought), the doors were carefully taken down off the wall and shipped to The Piece Hall for the day of filming.

"One of the Pearson’s daughters, Gail Moss (pictured right) – who co-owns Holdsworth House with her sister Kim, was interviewed by antiques expert Lisa Lloyd to provide more information about the doors’ background.

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"We’re delighted that Lisa said they were one of the most interesting items she’d seen all year. She certainly helped us unravel the story of the doors’ use and the meaning of their symbols."

To learn more about the ‘witches cupboard’ and other treasures, tune into the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday (March 3) at 7pm on BBC One.