Leeds sex in the city secrets exposed in BBC Three TV series

Leeds General Infirmary
Leeds General Infirmary

A new programme is to uncover the stories of patients at a Leeds sexual health clinic.

The Leeds Centre for Sexual Health, based at Leeds General Infirmary, features on a new series of Unsafe Sex in the City which begins on BBC Three on October 2.

The show goes behind-the-scenes at the centre, meeting patients and following staff as they promote testing services and safe sex.

Leeds has the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the region and a growing younger population.

Dr Jan Clarke, consultant in sexual health at the centre, said: “We thought it was a good means of being able to spread the message of safe sex and try to normalise the subject.”

The first series of the programme was based at a Manchester STI clinic, showing patients as they deal with the consequences of unprotected sex.

Now producers Firecracker Films have made a second series, this time based in Leeds and in Exeter.

The first programme at 9pm on October 2 follows 19-year-old Jack, who has been enjoying the benefits of an open relationship but then has a sexual health scare.

Dr Clarke said the first series had prompted several patients to come to the Leeds centre.

“We hope that this will push people into getting tests rather than worrying about what to do,” she added.

“There’s a need to try and encourage people to get tested. In the first episode we see people wondering whether they have got HIV.”

As well as filming doctors, nurses and advisors in the clinic, the series also follows their outreach work to prevent STIs, including at Leeds Pride.