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Courier film critic Megan Appleyard
Courier film critic Megan Appleyard
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From next week we begin a great new monthly review column with Megan Appleyard, a self-confessed film buff who is studying for her A levels at North Halifax Grammar School.

Megan, who lives in Halifax, wants to become a film journalist, so we thought it was a great idea to give her a first opportunity here in the Courier.

“My love of film goes back as far as I can remember,” says Megan (17), who kicks off next week with a critique of the latest Adam Sandler offering, That’s My Boy. And boy does it make interesting reading!

“The film that stands out to me is definitely ET. But my love of cinema has developed to darker yet equally brilliant features like The Shining, Girl Interrupted and Black Swan,” she says. “But although I can name my favourite films now, tomorrow they will probably change.”