What to expect in the next episode of Gentleman Jack

Picture: Lookout Point/HBOPicture: Lookout Point/HBO
Picture: Lookout Point/HBO
As we’re nearing the end of the Sunday night drama, what does the penultimate episode of Gentleman Jack have in store?

The arrival of a new groom inspires Anne to leave for Europe and put her doomed romance behind her - but she has unfinished business before she departs.

She undertakes a daring plan to sink her own pit and expose the Rawson’s industrial-scale theft of the coal on her land.

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In Scotland, Ann feels increasingly isolated when she discovers that Captain Sutherland is planning to marry her off to his penniless cousin.

Thomas Sowden plucks up the courage to ask Mr Washington for his eldest daughter’s hand in marriage.

Gentleman Jack continues tonight (Sunday) on BBC One at 9pm