Reflection: Plenty of exciting things to come in Halifax

Last Week Square Chapel opened its doors for the first time to the public having completed the Cornerstone Project. The end result is very impressive and gives Halifax a quality arts venue to be much admired and sort after.

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Volunteer Natalie working in the Eureka! Gift Shop with Enabler Aisha Shaffiq

Eureka column: We love volunteers!

Hands up who has volunteered for someone, something or somewhere. Yes? No? It’s surprising just how many people have.

Aachen Town Hall

Reflection: A special partnership with a city in Germany

The world seems to have gone election mad: France this month, The United Kingdom next month, and Germany in September.

Theresa May launches the Tory manifesto in Halifax.

Tom Richmond: Significance and symbolism of Theresa May launching Tory manifesto in Halifax

THE symbolism and significance of Theresa May’s decision to launch the Conservative Party manifesto in the working class mill town of Halifax should not be under-estimated as the general election finally looms.

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Search and Rescue team

Search and rescue: Dogs show they are the best searchers in town

During 2015/16, police forces in England and Wales received 335,624 calls reporting someone missing, 79% of those people returned within 24 hours and 22% of the incidents were due to the person having mental health issues (source National Crime Agency). With the increased media interest and advent of social media, police appeals can go viral in seconds and reach a vast numbers of local people rapidly.

Nicky Chance-Thompson of the Piece Hall Trust

The countdown is on to the grand re-opening

When The Piece Hall re-opens on August 1, it will be the first opportunity that we have to share with everyone the truly magnificent transformation that has taken place.

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Food banks help families and individuals across Calderdale

Food bank use on the rise across the country

This month local grant making charity Community Foundation for Calderdale shares concerns about increasing numbers of people using food banks.

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Halifax Minster is due to undergo fabric works over the next few years

Reflection: We need to ensure people have the best experience of Halifax

This is when they look back over the year gone, and elect new Officers for the coming year.

Courtesy of Stephen Gee Collection

Share your memories of the Piece Hall

The Piece Hall is full of memories. Having stood at the heart of Halifax for almost a quarter of a millennium, it’s bound to be.

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Shibden Hall, Halifax

Todmorden Antiquarians: The life of Anne Lister of Shibden Hall

Todmorden Antiquarian Chairman, Catherine Emberson, introduced Pat Osborne to talk about Anne Lister of Shibden Hall.

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North Halifax Grammar School

Reflection column: It is now time to invest in children’s education

Education, Education, Education, was a mantra we heard not many years ago. A few weeks ago the Minster Council had a residential at Whalley Abbey, near Clitheroe.

An Invacar had space for a folded up wheelchair in the back

Eureka! column: Disabled Access - Bath chairs to Blue Badges

Saturday 11 March is Disabled Access Day, a national day encouraging venues and businesses to be more accessible, and disabled people to get out there and try something new.

Calder Valley Search and Rescue column: Providing help when flooding strikes

Calder Valley Search and Rescue column: Providing help when flooding strikes

When Calder Valley Moorland Rescue Association was formed in 1966, it could not have been envisaged that the team’s role would evolve to providing a nationally recognised swiftwater rescue capability, working alongside the statutory emergency services and deploying across the north of England.

Aerial shot of the Piece Hall, Halifax

Piece Hall: ‘It will be bigger, better and brighter than ever before’

The regeneration of The Piece Hall is absolutely critical to the resurgence of Halifax and Calderdale.

Loucas and Ria from Stone Hair Art

Stone Hair Art: Does your hairstyle represent who you are?

Your look tells a story. Simply stop for a moment and think. Forget about work, or family, or what people expect of you.

Emma Bolger Community Foundation and Stuart Rumney, Chief Executive of the Calderdale SmartMove

Community Foundation: Homelessness is hiding in plain sight in Calderdale

This month local charity Community Foundation for Calderdale talk about their research which revealed the growing numbers of homeless people in Calderdale, the Homelessness Reduction Bill and their investment of £60,000 to support local people who find themselves facing a life on the streets.

Worker from a South African Fairtrade wine producer

Reflection: Why should you choose Fairtrade goods?

I have to confess to feeling somewhat demoralised after the last few weeks by Trump mania and Brexit politics.

This month there will be an event called Space Trek

Discovering the power of Science Fiction

Science fiction has fascinated me since I was a child. I’ve watched, read and played lots of different kinds of science fiction over the years and it’s entertained and even inspired me. My love of science fiction is one of, if not the biggest reason I was interested in science at school, did a degree in Chemistry and ended up working at a place like Eureka!

Holly took children from Mixenden to Westminster

Column: Bring on 2017- It’s to be a big year for Halifax

Our Crown Post Office closed this autumn depriving local people of its dedicated services and leaving the landmark building on Commercial Street empty. Soon after, our Magistrates’ Court and County Court were closed marking the end of 140 years of justice provision in Halifax.

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The Piece Hall

Column: Explore the ‘fantastical’ Piece Hall through print and press

Adults with even the slightest interest in The Piece Hall and its weird and wonderful history – tight-rope walking and elephant parades to name just two curiosities – can start to get closer to The Piece Hall in the New Year through a new educational course.

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