"Revellers say it's nice not to have a sticky, smelly carpet" - New era at the Acapulco as Halifax nightclub's 20 year old carpet is replaced

A new era has begun at the Acapulco in Halifax after a new carpet was laid at the club.

By Tom Scargill
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 2:42 pm

The previous carpet was sold off in pieces by the club after it was decided it needed updating, raising thousands of pounds for charity, and has now been replaced by a brand new carpet.

Simon Jackson, owner of the club, said: "We continually refresh the club by ways of painting the internal walls, spend thousands of pounds on the lighting rigs and sound system.

"The previous carpet was cleaned every week by a professional carpet cleaner, it was approximately 20 years old and clearly showing wear and tear from the continuous flowing traffic the Acapulco receives year after year.

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The Acapulco's new carpet

"The iconic carpet is recognised throughout Halifax, therefore we didn’t want to change the carpet pattern, although we could not get the exact match as the previous carpet company no longer exists.

"We found a local carpet company to re manufacture the carpet pattern. We always like to buy our items from local independent companies to help support businesses within our community.

"The carpet is an Axminster, which are known for its quality and durability, Winder were keen to work with us and very helpful. Winder was impressed by the publicity the new carpet received.

"The new carpet brings a more vibrant feel to the club, the revellers say it's nice not to have a sticky, smelly carpet and the club looks great."

The Acapulco's new carpet

Phil Cavalier-Lumley of Winder Carpets said: "It is amazing to bring Winder Carpets and the Acapulco nightclub, two long established West Yorkshire businesses spanning virtually 60 years together to install brand new flooring to such an iconic venue.

"Simon Jackson, owner of the Acapulco, and myself previously worked together during the 90's at a nightclub in Halifax and now 25 years later the opportunity arose to supply and install a brand new bespoke Wilton commercial carpet at the infamous club.

"Winder Carpets’ expertise, experience and reputation, led by Paul Winder, is second to none in the commercial flooring industry and we were delighted to work on such a special project. The installation had to be planned to ensure the business was not interrupted.

"Simon and his friendly team supported the installation team throughout and there were plenty of laughs along the way. We sincerely wish Simon and his team every success for many years to come."

The Acapulco's new carpet

Wilton Carpets' project consultant, Stefan Heins, said: “I was so pleased to work with Winder Carpets on this job for the Acapulco because locally it’s so well known and the brief was fun – it’s an outlandish design!

"It was quite complex to plan because of the complicated layout of the club but our studio and the fitters at Winder managed a flawless job."

The Acapulco's new carpet, with framed pieces of the old carpet that were sold off for charity
Acapulco owner Simon Jackson and general manager Justin Brett