Birkenshaw musician releases heartfelt tribute to key workers

Paul Stone, the man behind the Yorkshire Anthem, has written a sincere thank you song to NHS staff and key workers.

By Sal Wilcox
Thursday, 16th April 2020, 4:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th April 2020, 6:42 pm

The song, entitled 'We will rise with lions on our side', thanks NHS staff and key workers for their continuous support during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In 2017, proud Yorkshireman Mr Stone wrote the iconic 'You'll never ride alone' for the Tour de Yorkshire, performing it at the start and end of each stage of the race.

To accompany the new song, Mr Stone collaborated with Sam Teale, a young videographer from Norristhorpe, to create a montage that celebrates all of Yorkshire's key workers.

Paul Stone. Photo by Lynda Bowyer Photography.

When recording the vocals for the track, Mr Stone took a DIY approach, recording it in his basement and using his wife's tights as a makeshift pop shield for his microphone.

"I locked myself in the basement for a few hours one night. I already had the instrumental from the Yorkshire Anthem and I rewrote the lyrics to represent what is going on at the moment," said Mr Stone.

The song is particularly close to the dad-of-two's heart, as his wife Rebecca works as a GP.

"I want this song to be a thank you to key workers, as what they're doing is just absolutely fantastic. I want the message of this song to be a heartfelt thanks.

"From a family perspective, it's been lovely to be able to spend so much time together. I know that we are very lucky though and that our lives at the moment are a polar opposite to those working on the front lines. It's been frightening to see and hear what's been going on but hopefully this song can bring some happiness," said Mr Stone.

During the lock down, Mr Stone has been moved by how local residents have participated in the weekly NHS claps on Thursday nights.

"Although it's a very scary time, it's been absolutely amazing to see a real sense of community spirit everywhere, even though we're all social distancing and standing two meters away from everyone.

"I hope it's something that sticks around when everything returns to normal. Life was so faced paced and everyone was going a million miles per hour, but during lock down we've started to value the importance of community and human life."