Calderdale exceeds targets for coronavirus vaccination programme

The Calderdale Covid-19 vaccine programme has exceeded the performance targets set nationally for delivery of the first two priority cohorts of the population.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 4:05 pm

Over 94% of older people in Calderdale’s care homes have received a Covid-19 vaccination, and NHS staff from our five Primary Care Networks continue to visit and vaccinate new care home residents.

More than 93% of people over the aged of 80 have been vaccinated. Calderdale’s Roving Vaccination Team and Practice Staff are continuing to visit housebound patients. The NHS in Calderdale is confident that everyone who is housebound who would like to take up the offer of a vaccination will be offered one.

Neil Smurthwaite, Chief Operating Officer of NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “Our vaccination teams are doing a fantastic job in reaching as many of our oldest and most vulnerable people in our area, whilst making really good progress in other cohorts, as we continue to offer the vaccine to more and more people in-line with JCVI guidance.

Neil Smurthwaite

“Most people in Calderdale who are aged over 65, and those considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable and who may be at higher risk of falling seriously ill with the coronavirus due to a wide range of medical conditions, have now had at least one vaccination.

“From 1 March those who are 60 and over will start to receive invitations to make a vaccination appointment. Please be patient and wait until you’re contacted to make a vaccination appointment. If you think you should have been vaccinated by now but haven’t received an invitation, go to

“We’re also working with partners to develop approaches to make sure we can protect local people who are most at risk from the virus, including working with Calderdale Disability Advisory Group in vaccinating unpaid carers, working with our learning disability team in developing a bespoke offer for people with a learning disability and ensuring we reach out to our black and minority ethnic communities.”

Dr Steven Cleasby, a GP in Calderdale and Chair of NHS Calderdale CCG, said: “We are now moving into the time where people need to return for their second vaccination. It’s important that people attend these appointments as two doses of the vaccine provide longer lasting protection from the virus.

“Vaccinations are our best chance for getting back to normal, but they don’t provide 100% protection. The vaccines are designed to stop us getting seriously ill, and in this they are extremely effective. But there is still a chance you can get and spread coronavirus even if you have the vaccine, so it’s important that we continue to follow guidance on “hands, face and space”. We must follow social distancing rules, wear a mask when appropriate, and wash your hands well and regularly with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. This is how we can all play our part.”