10 things to do in your garden this Easter

Time to mow the lawnTime to mow the lawn
Time to mow the lawn
Easter is coming, and nature is in full bloom. It’s an exciting time for avid gardeners, but can be equally as daunting for the more casual gardener. Regardless of whether your garden is prim and proper or a jungle of chaos, the long Easter weekend is the perfect time to make the most of your outdoor space.

Toro, a global leader in turf care maintenance, has shared their top 10 tips on how you can make the most of your garden this Easter.

1. Plan

With the lovely weather and new growth, it’s tempting to just get out and get stuck in. But if you are taking on a bigger piece of gardening work it’s always best to plan. Take a breather, put the kettle on, and build your plan of action.

2. Spring clean

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Clear your garden of dead leaves, fallen branches and other debris with a rake or with the help of a leaf blower, such as the PowerPlex® Brushless Blower. Reserve any grass trimmings or other organic material for composting and place in a sealed container like a spring bucket for later use. This is also a great time to tidy your shed and make sure your tools are in working order and set up for the long gardening season ahead.

3. Weeding

Weed killers may not be for everyone but weeding by hand or using natural alternatives help keep patios, flower beds, borders and gravel paths neat and tidy. Tackling the problem early on reduces the occurrence of weeds later in the season.

4. Pest control

Check for signs of common garden pests on your plants and, if needed, take action to stop them spreading. Now is also a good time to spray the leaves of disease-prone plants with fungicide to control mildew, rust and blackspot. Insect netting can also be useful if you are trying to keep pests away from cabbages and other food crops.

5. Mowing

When mowing in spring, always use a higher than normal cutting height and never cut more than a third of the grass length at any one time. Cutting more than this will stress the grass and can make it more prone to disease and weeds. The Toro PoweReverse® mower has four handy heights of cut, making it easier than ever to maintain your lawn, any time of year.

6. Borders and edging

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If you’re dreaming of an impactful, tidy looking garden, focus on strimming your grass edges and borders. This will give your lawn definition, shape and it will instantly look tidier. The PowerPlex® String Trimmer/Edger is the perfect tool to make any edge or border look sharp with minimal effort.

7. Flowers

Once all the big jobs have been completed, it’s time to start giving some thought to one of the more decorative aspects of your garden – flowers. From hardy annuals to beautiful wild flowers, April is the perfect time to get them planted to ensure you have a beautifully blooming garden all summer long.

8. Fruit and vegetables

Now that the last of the frost has gone, it’s also the time to sow your vegetables and fruits. Some plants taking well at this time of year include cabbages, lettuces, broad beans, courgettes, tomatoes and even strawberries!

9. Look after your wildlife

Do the ecosystem a favour and look after the many creatures that help your garden live. Feed the birds and hedgehogs and above all, be good to the bees. Plant bee-friendly flowers and consider installing a bee nesting box.

10. Easter egg hunt!

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With your garden in tip-top shape in time for Easter, there’s no better way to celebrate than letting the kids run wild in it. An Easter egg hunt, or a garden party with friends and family is the perfect way to bring everyone together in your lovely garden this Easter weekend.

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