Boroughbridge care home blasts ‘inadequate’ rating

A Boroughbridge care home has hit out at the CQC after an inspection report found that it ‘required improvement’.
NARG 1507281AM1 Steve Jenkins of Riverside Court. (1507281AM1)NARG 1507281AM1 Steve Jenkins of Riverside Court. (1507281AM1)
NARG 1507281AM1 Steve Jenkins of Riverside Court. (1507281AM1)

Stephen Jenkins has managed the Riverside Court care home for 26 years and says the wealth of admin tasks required has led to the latest poor inspection report.

He said: “I feel that the goal posts are always being changed, I do feel it is unfair.

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“We offer a caring family environment, I had my own mum in here and we treat all of the people here the same, like they are our family.”

The CQC inspector rated the care home which houses 19 older people, as ‘inadequate ‘ for safety.

The inspector found that wires posed a trip hazard and that the door to a room where building work was going on was left unlocked.

The report said: “There were no risk management plans in place regarding people’s safety on the stairs”

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The CQC report also raised concerns that accidents and incidents were not reviewed so lessons were not learnt to reduce risks to people in the future, however staff members told the inspector that they would know if someone had an accident and said, “We’re only very small so I would know.”

The care home was told it needs to improve its responsiveness, and inspectors found that the service did not have the necessary risk assessments or up to date care plans and said: “This meant the person was at risk of receiving inadequate care.”

Inspectors have told the home to update care plans and carry out re-assessments of people’s needs.

Staff at the home were praised by the inspector for their caring nature. The report said that ‘care staff used a gentle tone’ and ‘treated people with dignity and respect.

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Inspectors said: “Staff addressed people by their name and were kind in their manner. We also heard care staff referred to people by the words ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’.”

Mr Jenkins said he does not think the CQC report is a fair reflection. He said: “We are a small family run home that has always been run as a successful and well recommended establishment. Our main ethos is treating people as individuals in a homely, caring environment. Management are very hands on.

“We would like to think we stand out as we are small and therefore are able to tailor ones care needs on a personal level, and get to know residents on an individual 

A lot of our residents come to live at Riverside Court via the recommendations of the local GPs and District Nurses. As well as word of mouth - through having a good recommendations.”