Council says repair work to lights on Todmorden Town Hall will be carried out “as soon as possible”

Todmorden Town Hall
Todmorden Town Hall

Calderdale Council says that repair work on a fault to some of the lights outside Todmorden Town Hall will be carried out “as soon as possible”.

The repair work needed on the lights will be assessed ytoday (Wednesday) ahead of repairs taking place.

Mike Wollerton, who owns the Todmorden Toy Model shop on Rochdale Road, said: The two lamps outside the town hall haven’t worked since the end of November.

“I tried to get them fixed for the Lamplighters Festival ironically, that’s how long ago it’s been.

“It would be nice to see the town hall floodlit again.

“They’ve taken over two months to respond to me and it’s still not been done.

I think it’s an absolute disgrace.

“One of the biggest features of the town is the floodlit town hall, but a lot of people I know are infuriated that this hasn’t been sorted.”

A Council spokesperson said: “We apologise for the delay in resolving lighting issues around the Town Hall in Todmorden. There are a number of lighting sources in the area, and the issue was initially raised with the highways service to resolve. Our electrician has inspected the highways street lights and has found all to be working correctly.

“They did however identify a fault with some of the lights that illuminate the Town Hall. The required repair work will be further assessed today and carried out as soon as possible.”