Brighouse drivers stuck in traffic using mobile phones handed fines

A number of tickets were issued to people for using their mobile phones whilst driving a motor vehicle.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 6:30 am

A police officer was patrolling the roads in Brighouse during evening rush hour on their bicycle.

The officer was targeting drivers using their mobile phones and the officer was able to move around the traffic to spot the offences.

In under one hour four tickets were issued for using a phone whilst driving a motor vehicle, One ticket was issued for stopping within the area of a pelican crossing.

Traffic in Brighouse
Traffic in Brighouse

A spokesperson for the Calderdale Valleys Neighobourhood Policing Team said: " "It is still an offence to use your phone even when your vehicle is stationary in traffic.

If you are caught using your mobile phone whilst driving, you may face 6 points and a fine.”