Brodstock Music Festival to cut down on plastic waste in 2020

The festival is set to return on Saturday, June 20 at Old Brodleians rugby club in Hipperholme.
Expect Distributions Angela Brearley with the new eco-cups.Expect Distributions Angela Brearley with the new eco-cups.
Expect Distributions Angela Brearley with the new eco-cups.

The organisers of Brodstock Music Festival has committed to making this year’s event their greenest yet thanks to support from local business Expect Distribution.

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Hipperholme’s musical jamboree has quickly become Yorkshire biggest annual charity gig by raising over £25,000 each year and attracting over 6000 revellers to their family-friendly festival.

In order to drastically cut down on the plastic waste the festival will be introducing reusable plastic glasses at their bars this June.

“Whilst we’re committed to making as much money for charity on the day as we can, we’re also committed to doing the right thing,” said one of the volunteer festival-makers Sarah Taylor.

“It’s still a lot cheaper to stock our bars with the single-use plastic cups so we went in search of a like-minded local company who could help us bring about change without reducing our donations or passing the costs on to the festival-goers.

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"Expect Distribution are absolute superstars for getting involved”.

Angela Brearley from Expect Distribution said: “We all need to play our part in fighting plastic pollution and every organisation and venue should take responsibility for reducing plastic waste.

"Sustainability and protecting the environment around us is high on our agenda and is becoming more and more important. Being able to support the community we belong to forms a major part of our CSR strategy and when we saw that this fantastic local volunteer run festival could do with a little helping hand we were more than happy to jump on board.

"We know that sustainability can sometimes be a pricey option and we certainly didn’t want to see that coming at the cost of the money raised for the fantastic charities that Brodstock supports, however it was important that a stop was put to the 1000’s of single use plastic glasses, so we stepped in to help.”

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The festival eco-cups will be available at all the Brodstock bars on the day with a refundable £1 deposit to use them.

Brodstock 2020 takes place on Saturday, June 20 and tickets go on sale at 10.30am on Saturday, March 21 from the host venue; the Old Brodleians rugby club in Hipperholme.

The festival line up was recently announced featuring local bands including Bravado Cartel, Daisycutter, The Sequels and Jump, Jive & Wail.