New technology to be installed to help monitor Calder Valley flood risk

Camera technology is being installed along watercourses in the Calder Valley to help monitor drainage and assess flood risk.

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 10:30 am

Five new cameras will be installed to monitor drainage infrastructure at Nutclough, Hebden Bridge; Stoney Royd Lane, Todmorden; Jumps Road, Todmorden; Redwater Clough, near Cornholme; and in the Copley Valley.

These are in addition to existing monitoring equipment used at Hebble Brook and Ovenden Brook in Halifax.

The five new sites have all been identified as areas where there is potential flood risk if maintenance is not carried out to drainage when necessary.

Existing monitoring equipment at Hebble Brook.

Calderdale Council’s Assistant Director for Strategic Infrastructure, Steven Lee, said: “We understand the importance of regularly monitoring our drainage infrastructure, especially in areas which have a greater potential for flooding.

“Whilst our flood team carry out regular, on-site inspections, this new technology will also allow the sites to be monitored remotely. By providing regular and up-to-date data it will alert us of any problems and allow any necessary maintenance to be quickly completed.

“Using available technology, like this, helps ensure our drainage infrastructure works as it should, enabling us to be better prepared for heavy rain and subsequently helping to reduce flood risk in Calderdale.”

Each camera will transmit an hourly image, allowing the Council to remotely monitor the infrastructure and check nothing is blocking the drainage screens.

As well as cameras, water level monitors will also be installed upstream and downstream of the screen, complementing other flood warning systems in the surrounding area.