Together Housing residents take part in a community clean-up day

Together Housing residents on Lennox Road in Todmorden came together for a community clean-up day to dispose of unwanted and bulky items.

By Abigail Kellett
Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 7:00 am

The event was well supported by Together Housing’s Neighbourhood Officers, Caretakers and Residents.

Covid has meant people couldn’t dispose of unwanted items and a clean-up couldn’t take place in recent years.

The day began at 9am and in just a few hours residents of Lennox Road had moved unwanted household rubbish and bulky items for a one off pick up and removal service from different parts of the estate.

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Together Housing residents take part in a community clean-up day

Skips were provided from Kemp Waste Management in Wainstalls and were filled to the brim.

Wendy Powell, Together Housing Group Neighbourhood Officer said: “We’ve done a number of community clean-ups over the last few months and it’s always a successful turnout. Covid meant that a lot of people couldn’t get rid of unwanted rubbish and bulky items, so these community clean-up days are an ideal and cost-effective way for the community to have a good clear out.

"The day was really successful, we had a good turn-out. We have been removing unwanted items from homes, gardens and litter picking around the estate. Thank you to everyone who has come and volunteered their time.”

For anyone looking to remove items you no longer want you can take them to a local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), many local charities will accept donations in good condition, or you can ask your local Council to collect, for example Calderdale Council offer a bulky item collection service for a fee.

Local resident, Paul Edward said: “It was a welcome opportunity to clean-up the area and it was really helpful of Together Housing to organise this; a lot of us managed to get help removing bulky items and unwanted rubbish.”