Halifax MP raises great work of Iscal factory in House of Commons Chamber

Holly Lynch Halifax Labour MP
Holly Lynch Halifax Labour MP

Halifax MP Holly Lynch has praised a local firm in Parliament for their work in supporting those with physical and mental disabilities into the workplace, and urged Ministers to visit their factory on Gibbet Street.

In a recent statement, the Government was forced to respond to the National Audit Office’s report which criticised the Government’s failure to support more people with disabilities into work.

The Halifax MP raised that ISCAL had a proven track record for getting this right, and suggested that Ministers could learn from the model.

ISCAL began life in the 1930s as the ‘Halifax Workshop for the Blind’ employing people with severe visual impairment.

Today they are a leading manufacturer of tissue coasters and napkins and their workforce is still made up of engaged and committed people who have a disability.

Speaking after the debate Holly Lynch said: “Many people may be unaware about the work going on at the ISCAL factory, however, for those employed there it is a game changer, offering access to meaningful employment and training for those who have a disability.

“Despite the many challenges faced by those with disabilities, I hope that the Minister will take up the chance to visit ISCAL to learn how initiatives like this can be replicated across the country.”