Here are the top 12 things that help Brits get through the working week

Here are the top 12 things that help Brits get through the working week
Here are the top 12 things that help Brits get through the working week

Whether it's having a scroll through social media, going for a walk or having a daily dose of coffee, recent research has revealed the things that help workers in Britain get through the week.

According to research by CafePod Coffee Company, Brits are adopting a range of tactics to help them get through the working week.

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The poll of 1,500 UK adults identifies the top 25 things that most help us to keep going throughout the day.

The five most popular productivity boosters at work are listening to your favourite music, having a strong coffee, ticking off your to do list, regular snacks and inspiring colleagues, with the top three things people most dread about the week ahead being feeling skint, stuck in a rut and the daily grind of the commute and domestic chores. However, come the end of the week 82 per cent of Brits admit to treating themselves to something, whether that be leaving work 10 minutes early, buying a nicer lunch or going for a mini-pamper during lunch break.

Peter Grainger, Co-founder of CafePod, said: “Our research shows the challenges that people are under these days and the creative range of tactics we are using to keep going and survive our fast-paced lives. Today we’re excited to launch our Live Fast. Drink Strong campaign which is centred around our mission to provide coffee lovers with an exciting choice of strength-based coffees to enjoy at home.”

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The research was commissioned to mark the launch of independent challenger brand CafePod’s “Live Fast. Drink Strong” campaign.

The top 12 things us Brits just can’t get through the week without are:

Daily coffee: 33%

Chocolate: 28%

Having something to look forward to after work: 26%

Social media: 21%

Thinking about what’s for dinner: 21%

Your drink after work: 21%

Regular snacks: 21%

Good weather forecast for the week ahead: 20%

Exercise: 18%

A really good book: 17%

Looking at holidays online: 14%

Your boss being out of the office a lot: 12%