Calderdale water saving tips from singing in the shower to paddling pools

Calderdale is set for a mini heatwave this weekend, with the Met Office forecasting that the region could see temperatures of up to 27 degrees.

Friday, 16th July 2021, 11:26 am

Yorkshire Water has issued some water saving tips ahead of the dry weather.

Yorkshire Water’s Emily Brady said: “Our water resource and leakage colleagues will be working hard over the weekend to look after our network and reservoir stocks, but water saving efforts from customers go a long way too.

“If you’ve got a water butt in your garden, it should be nice and full from the heavy downpours at the start of July – now that some hot, dry weather has arrived it’s the perfect opportunity to save your tap water and feed your plants with the rain water you’ve collected.

Tips on saving water by Yorkshire Water

“There are loads of simple, small ways to save water all year round that add up to make a huge difference.”

Other water saving tips include:

Save it for another day

Keep your paddling pool water fresh for longer by placing a fitted sheet over it when it’s not in use to stop bugs getting in. Once you’ve had enough splashing around all that lovely water can then be used to water the garden!

Timing is everything

A really easy way to get the most out of watering your plants is to water your flower beds in the early morning or late evening. This will mean more water is absorbed by your thirsty plants as less is lost through evaporation.

It’ll bounce back

When there’s a long dry spell, grass can start to look brown – but don’t forget that grass is one of the most resilient plants you can have in your garden, when eventually the rain does come, it’ll bounce right back to a vibrant green once again.

Singing in the shower

Spending just one minute less in the shower saves lots of water. Yorkshire Water created a Spotify playlist full of songs that are four-minutes long, to help you time your showers and save a water whilst you wash.