Calderdale children's author meets The Repair Shop's Bear Ladies for podcast

Todmorden author, Diane HullTodmorden author, Diane Hull
Todmorden author, Diane Hull
Todmorden author, Diane Hull has recently appeared on the first of a new series of podcasts produced by the Bear Ladies, from BBC’S The Repair Shop.

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell are known as the ‘Teddy Bear Ladies’ in The Repair Shop thanks to their expertise of repairing vintage bears and soft toys.

Amanda and Julie contacted Diane after hearing about her Baby Bird; a character from her Children’s Picture Books.

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Diane began writing after retiring from Shade Primary School due to ill health. Her books encourage young children to be proud of their individual abilities rather than trying to be like everyone else.

“A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child,” says Diane.

The Bear Ladies wanted to meet Baby bird and were delighted to read the stories.

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