Friends set to embark on 80km walk to promote mental health awareness

A group of 12 friends from Calderdale will undertake an 80km walk along the Calderdale Way next month to raise awareness of mental health.

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 4:21 pm
Callum Maher and friends doing 80km walk of Calderdale Way for mental health awareness

The walk will take place on April 3 and 4 and raise money for the Movember charity effort and men’s cancer charity Orchid.Some of the 12 know each other through work or are house-mates.

They are all from different parts of Calderdale and are a mix of men and women, ranging from 20-years-old to 28.Seven of the group did a 60km walk from Manchester to Brighouse last year.

It has been organised by Callum Maher, 25, who lives in Siddal.  

“We chose that distance because every 60 seconds, a man dies from suicide.

“This time we’re aiming to do a 24-hour walk where we’re pushing ourselves to the limit.

“We stand for the fact that we’re battling for 24 hours a day with mental health issues.

“A lot of us suffer from mental health issues, which is what Movember stands for.

“Last time we did it based on the mental health side in September, when lockdown ended.

“This time, because it’s Testicular Cancer Month in April, we decided to do it again and go bigger.

“We’re also raising money for Orchid, who are a male cancer charity.

“Some of us have had cancer, the majority have some sort of mental health issue such an anxiety.

“I had a suicidal past growing up, which is why I organised this in the first place, to show people that there are people out there who can help you and that sometimes it can be your friend or neighbour rather than seeking professional help, especially in lockdown where services are obviously quite sparse.

“If we can get the message across to people then I see that as successful.
“There may be someone out there who is struggling financially that can’t donate, but they are the people we need to reach, so if we can get the message across that there are people out there to support you, then my jobs done.”

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