Halifax's Grandad Wheels suggests Queen stops cancelling appearances and be seen in a wheelchair if she needs one

A Halifax author who raises funds for a spinal injuries charity is urging the Queen to 'send a positive message' and use a wheelchair to overcome her mobility issues.

By sarah fitton
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 10:53 am

Brian Abram, of Skircoat Green - also known as Grandad Wheels - spent a year in Pinderfields Spinal Unit after a 2013 bicycle accident left him T9 paraplegic and a full-time wheelchair user.

Inspired by his adventures with his grandson, nine-year-old Charles Stewart, he has written six hilarious books aimed at primary school-aged children all sharing the same theme - that disability is no barrier to having fun.

The Queen is missing today's State Opening of Parliament - the first time in almost 60 years - because of "episodic mobility problems".

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Halifax's Brian Abram, AKA Grandad Wheels

The 96-year-old monarch has had to cancel a number of recent public appearances but until Monday evening, Buckingham Palace had been saying the Queen hoped to attend today's ceremony in Westminster.

In response to her having to send Prince Charles to the event instead, Brian has posted a message on Twitter which has been seen and supported by the Chief Executive of the Spinal Injuries Association.

Brian wrote: "Now then Liz, you're cancelling a few things just lately and the news keeps telling us it is because of 'mobility issues'.

"Can I respectfully suggest you try using a wheelchair? Many people see this as 'giving in' to age/fragility/disability. But it really isn't.

"It is just using a tried and tested piece of kit to make your life easier. A wheelchair empowers and enables you to do so much more than without it.

"It might also help make you less tired and in less pain and discomfort.

"Oh, and just think what a positive message this would send to the public at large.

"Get a gold one and pimp it up like one of your carriages. You've got loads of footmen to push you. Pulled by corgis even?"

Brian said he was inspired after seeing comedian Rosie Jones on Channel 4's Last Leg discussing how she had initially been reluctant to use a wheelchair but now celebrated that it allowed her more freedom.