Halifax's Halloween Files - Was policeman Alan Godfrey abducted by aliens after UFO sighting?

Delving back into the Halifax Courier archives we are looking at the unexplained happenings in Calderdale that made the headlines.

By Ian Hirst
Thursday, 24th October 2019, 9:55 am
Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol in Todmorden in November 1980.
Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol in Todmorden in November 1980.

The first is Todmorden UFO sighting by policeman Alan Godfrey...

Police officer Alan Godfrey was on routine patrol in Todmorden in November 1980.

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Halifax's Halloween Files - Calderdale police records of witches, UFOs and ghost...

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He had been called out to Ashenhurst and was driving along Burnley Road.

Ahead was a bright light.

He stopped the car. Blinked once – and blinked again.

What stood before him, he says, was a metallic disc with a dome and a row of windows.

He began sketching what he saw in his notebook.

Suddenly, there was a burst of light and he found himself 100 yards farther down the road. The UFO was gone.

Later, under hypnosis, he recalled being struck by a beam of light which floated him into the craft.

There, he says, he met a human-like being named Joseph, whose clothing was Biblical.

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Alan says that inside the spaceship he was physically examined and asked questions.

He said what he had first seen was a diamond-shaped UFO, hovering about five feet above the ground in Burnley Road before disappearing.

PC Godfrey said he realised he had suffered “missing time.”

At the hypnosis session, he described being enveloped in an intense white light.

He recalled lying on a table, surrounded by small figures with bulb-like heads.

That was one of several sightings that made Todmorden become well-known as a supernatural hot-spot.

In secret papers released earlier this year there were also mentions of sightings on September 4 2003, in the town of “six lights that split, at one point becoming eight lights, that were orange and red in colour.”

Another object was sighted in Queensbury on April 22 2004 and there was a record of a sighting by three police officers in Halifax at 4.50am on November 21 1980. PCs Porter and Turnpenny at Ovenden police station and PC Baxter at Halifax police station saw a “very bright steel blue flashing light” high in the sky, moving left to right over Withins Moor towards Keighley.

A report to the Ministry of Defence read: “Air-traffic control contacted. They have no record of aircraft in the area nor have they tracked anything at all.”

On July 15 1995, three people in Halifax reported an object hovering above their semi-detached house while they were in the back garden.

They told police it looked like the planet Saturn, with a ring around it, and had red portholes and four blue lights.

They said it hovered just feet away, above a bungalow next door. It did not come from the right or left, but seemed to come down out of nowhere.

After five minutes, the flying saucer made erratic, jerky movements before moving off in the direction of Sowerby Bridge.

Around the same time as Alan’s sighting in Todmorden, a UFO was reported to have landed in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, just outside RAF Woodbridge