Star teacher inspires little swimmers across Halifax

Baby and child swim school, Puddle Ducks West Yorkshire, has named its most recent ‘Star Teacher’- an inspirational individual who excels in teaching young children and babies to swim across the area and receives glowing reviews from the parents and children she teaches.

Their ‘Star Teacher’ is Michelle Clare, who teaches classes in Halifax.

Michelle joined Puddle Ducks in 2018 as a poolside assistant, after working in the cruise ship industry for five years.

She switched her career to follow her love of the water, following a passion to help children develop their skills in the pool.

Michelle Clare

She teaches parents and babies in her baby and pre-school classes, and swim academy for children from aged four up.

One review from Darcey and her mum Mary praised Michelle’s clarity, patience and ability to engage all children, babies and parents in developing their skills.

The review read: “I am a super confident swimmer but a new mum suffering with anxiety. Bringing my daughter to lessons was daunting for me, and I was so worried I’d pass on my anxiety. Having a teacher who I can talk to, share my worries with and get extra support from is incredible.

“She takes extra time to reassure me, demonstrates with my baby to help me have positive goals and always praises me as much as she does my floaty!

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy, or even attend lessons without such an attentive, professional and caring teacher. We both leave every lesson feeling energised and happy because of her wonderful approach to teaching us. She is absolutely a star!”

Jenny Brown, owner of Puddle Ducks West Yorkshire said: “Michelle is a fantastic teacher who could not be more deserving of this award. She brings so much to the role, and really cares about each and every child she teaches- helping to create a real love for the water.

“Not only does she help children love the water, but she also reinvigorates the love that parents have for the water- creating a fun, engaging lesson where parents can be confident and enjoy swimming with their babies. In this way she also creates memorable experiences that will stay with Puddle Ducks’ customers throughout the rest of their lives.

“Congratulations to Michelle - you really are a star!”

Michelle said: “I am delighted to have been named as a star teacher! A huge thank you to all my little swimmers who make my role so enjoyable. I love the Puddle Ducks’ teaching style and ethos, it’s a truly rewarding role that I can fit around my office job- I would recommend it to anyone!”