Volunteers clean-up at UK’s deepest lock in Sowerby Bridge as part of appeal by Canal & River Trust

Volunteers at the UK’s deepest lock recently took part in a clean-up.

The volunteering opportunity at Tuel Lane Lock in Sowerby Bridge was part of an appeal for volunteers by the Canal & River Trust charity to protect and preserve the nation’s 2,000-mile historic canal network.

Richard Parry, chief executive of the Canal & River Trust, comments: “Still used and navigated by boats just as they were hundreds of years ago, today’s canals have also become vital places in our urban and rural communities providing crucially important habitat for endangered wildlife and vital places for people to experience nature.

“With the nation’s canals used and enjoyed by more people than ever before, together with the constant threat of climate change, these historic places need constant care to look after them. We need the support of the community and conservation-minded people to help ensure that these precious places are handed onto future generations.”

For more information on the volunteering opportunities available with the Canal & River Trust visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/volunteer