Appeal against Calderdale Council planning decision rejected by Planning Inspector

An appeal against a council’s refusal to refuse planning permission for a dormer to be built on a Calderdale home has been rejected.

Saturday, 10th April 2021, 10:00 am

Mr Johal had appealed against Calderdale Council’s decision last December to refuse permission for the roof alterations at Rani House, Broomfield Avenue, Skircoat Green, Halifax.

But Planning Inspector L. M. Wilson, who said the main issue was the effect the changes would have on the character and appearance of the surrounding area, dismissed the appeal.

Mr Johal wanted to build a large dormer, using roof design, materials and a central gable to reduce its prominence.

A planning appeal has been rejected
A planning appeal has been rejected

However, said the inspector, “it would be conspicuous from the highway and visually prominent because of its height, length and massing.”

As the dormer would be predominantly flat roof, it would look incongruous and draw the eye, said L. M. Wlson.

The inspector, who made a site visit, said there were dormers in the surrounding area but these were significantly smaller.

A flat roof and extension highlighted by Mr Johal could not be directly compared with the subject of the appeal as they were of a different design and did not relate to dormer windows, and the introduction of the proposed dormer would be at odds with the established character of the surrounding area, says the appeal decision paper.

“For these reasons, the proposed dormer would be visually harmful to the character and appearance of the surrounding area,” said the inspector, conflicting with the council’s policy seeking to ensure development achieves a high standard of design which respects or enhances the established character and appearance of the surrounding area.