Ban on car parking proposed for Calderdale street

Church Lane in Hebden Bridge (Google Street View)
Church Lane in Hebden Bridge (Google Street View)

Ongoing road problems has seen proposals put forward to stop parking at anytime on a Hebden Bridge street.

As a part of the traffic review of Church Lane and Mytholm Steeps by Calderdale Council, it has been identified that the current parking situation would greatly benefit from improvements.

The carriageway width on Church Lane and Mytholm Steeps is narrow. The road also climbs steeply from Burnley Road to the top of the hill.

There are also a number of tight bends on this length of road.

The majority of the adjacent properties are residential, without off-street parking. However, Church Lane also provides access to the St James the Great Church (the Parish Church of Hebden Bridge) and Hebden Royd Church of England Primary School.

Council officers have said when vehicles are parked on the carriageway they can and do obstruct passing traffic.

Officers say on the section of Church Lane between the school and Burnley Road, parked vehicles regularly narrow the carriageway to the status of a single track road for a considerable distance.

Vehicles can be forced to give way to traffic coming in the opposite direction.

To remedy this, the Council is suggesting to introduce “no waiting at any time” parking restrictions to manage parked vehicles.

On Mytholm Steeps (Mytholm Bank, Bank Terrace and Glen View Road), these parking restrictions would be introduced to ensure that the various bends in the road are kept clear of parked vehicles and hence providing free and safer flow.

On Church Lane, the south western side of the carriageway would be kept completely clear of parked vehicles.

On the north eastern side, some parking would be allowed with lengths of parking restrictions between them. This would allow drivers, if confronted by oncoming vehicles, the ability to pull in to the kerb to allow the vehicles to get past.

A consultation is underway and residents have until January 4 to air their views.

Following the formal consultation all, representations and comments received will be considered by the case manager.

A report containing their recommendations will then be presented to the Governing Body for final consideration.

Response to all representations or comments will be published on the Council's website. This process can take between 6 - 8 weeks, from the latest closing date for objections.