Talking politics: Colin Raistrick, Independent, Hipperholme and Lightcliffe

My last column in this paper was published just before the referendum. What a month that has just been!

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 8:19 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:48 pm
Local Elaections. Colin Raistrick.

I don’t often quote Lenin (never in fact), but he did say “there are decades when nothing happens and then weeks when decades happen”.

There are still arguments raging, even amongst family and friends, but I think we all hope these differences will calm down and a more friendly tone will take over.

I was glued to the television for the aftermath and two pieces of coverage stuck in my mind. Firstly, Carwyn James, the Labour leader of the Welsh Assembly (you knew that though), spoke about him not allowing Wales ‘to lose a penny in subsidy’, once we came out of the EU. Where does he think EU subsidies come from? Does Angela Merkel have a money tree? Whatever we give to the EU, if it’s £350 million or a tenner, we get less back! Honestly, some people, drives you mad.

Then, for me a real highlight. A BBC reporter approached an elderly gentleman in Barnsley, complete with cloth cap.

After discovering that the gentleman had voted leave he asked his opinion on the falling pound and stock market turmoil. Unflustered, the elderly gentleman, in an accent broad enough to evoke memories of my late Uncle Norman, and looking as if he’d like to put his arm around the young BBC man to comfort him, said “don’t worry, love, it’ll be alreet”. I rather agree.

Too much too quickly?

In my ward there are three planning applications which have raised attention.

The Manor House nursing home, to be demolished for 42 new homes, further down Wakefield Road another 12 new houses at the top of the hill and now a pending application for 14 new homes on the site of Coley garden centre.

They soon add up - 70 new houses, perhaps 140 cars, over 200 new residents.

This brings added pressure on roads, schools, doctors etc.

Is this sprinkling of developments (the so-called ‘pepper pot’ approach) around our borough the right way to go?

The Local Plan should (I emphasise should, it’s already four years late) be coming out for consultation in October or November

Look out for the publicity and have your say at the local meetings and on the website.

It’s boring but important.

Take note traffic planners

Interesting morning at Hipperholme crossroads the other day (not often you get to say that!) when we had a power cut.

The traffic lights went out and 10 minutes later there were no queues at all. None.

It happens every time the lights go out.

Food for thought for the traffic planners.