Robert De Niro in Halifax: Everything we know about his meal and visit

Hollywood actor Robert De Niro dining out at Ricci's Place in Halifax
Hollywood actor Robert De Niro dining out at Ricci's Place in Halifax

Hollywood icon Robert De Niro enjoyed a meal at a Halifax restaurant yesterday evening - this is what we know about his time in Halifax.

The global superstar arrived for a feast at Ricci's Place on Crossley Street. You can check out a video of the actor arriving at the restaurant.

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It's not everyday that a Hollywood megastar dines at a restaurant in Halifax town centre and it certainly took everybody by surprise.

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The owners of Ricci's Place said it was 'an honour' to host Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro.

Husband and wife Michael and Olivia Ricci, who run the restaurant, kept booking a secret from staff, friends and family for six weeks.

"It was an honour," Michael said, "he was such a lovely, lovely man. Very down to earth."

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The Raging Bull and Godfather icon is well-known for his love of great food and great wine, and his movies are no different, be it when ordering 'black coffee, apple pie and a slice of melted yellow cheese' in 1976's Taxi Driver, or slicing garlic 'razor-thin' in prison in 1990's Goodfellas.

So what does a global icon eat on a visit to Calderdale? We spoke to Ricci's Place owner Michael Ricci, who designed a specially-prepared menu inspired by De Niro's life and times.

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