These car park price hikes are being planned for Todmorden and Hebden Bridge

Station Road Car Park, Station Road, Hebden Bridge
Station Road Car Park, Station Road, Hebden Bridge

Motorists face car park price increases in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden if Calderdale Council leaders agree to proposals.

This is when Calderdale's car parking price hike plans will be discussed
Calderdale Council Cabinet members might expect fireworks when they meet at Halifax Town Hall on Monday, November 5 (6pm) but argue that on- and off-street charges are not being raised or introduced indiscriminately.

Against a backdrop of parking services having to make savings in extremely tough financial times – £160,000 in 2018-19 and £340,000 in 2019-20 – the council argues increases or introduction of charges has been looked at on a case to case basis.

In Hebden Bridge off-street car parks at Market Place, Garden Street and New Road will see a rise from 60p per hour to 70p per hour, raising an additional £23,105 for the council, with the St Pol and St George’s Square car parks seeing an increase from 70p per hour to 80p per hour, raising an extra £6,738.

At Station Road, currently 30p per hour Monday to Friday (£2 fee for over six hours) and 50p per hour on Saturdays and Sundays, the new tariff will be 50p per hour, raising an extra £12,500 (to be agreed with Hebden Royd Town Council on a 50-50 split basis).

The car park at Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd, currently free, will be subject to a first hour free followed by 40p per hour charge, with a £2 fee for over five hours. This could raise an extra £3,000.

In terms of Hebden Bridge’s on-street parking, at Old Gate this will rise from 60p per hour to 80p per hour (with the limit changing to a maximum four hours), expected to make the council an additional £7,758, and at Hangingroyd Lane, Valley Road and Regent Street, the rate will rise from 60p per hour to 70p, raising an extra £9,742.

But the bays at Holme Street, four at 60p per hour and four free, will all see a change to a first 30 minutes free and then a charge of 20p for the next 30 minutes basis, with a maximum stay of one hour.

There will be no change to on-street parking arrangements at Albert Street, Crown Street, Cheetham Street and Carlton Street.

In Todmorden there will be no changes at Halifax Road, Lever Street, Union Street South, Bramsche Square and School Lane car parks, but charging is being introduced on the free town centre car parks at Dale Street, Dalton Street and Oxford Street, which will now be free for one hour followed by a 40p per hour charge, or fixed rate of £2 for more than five hours, potentially raising an extra £10,000.