Rastrick councillors voice concern at speed bump plans for Brighouse road

Conservative Councillors in Rastrick have voiced their concern at Calderdale Council’s plans to install speed bumps on Birds Royd Lane.

By Abigail Kellett
Thursday, 21st July 2022, 3:06 pm
Councillors Chris Pillai and Sophie Whittaker on Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse where speed bumps have been proposed.
Councillors Chris Pillai and Sophie Whittaker on Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse where speed bumps have been proposed.

Recently, a speed bump installation scheme has been taking place in Woodhouse, the scheme was developed to deter industrial traffic from using the estate as a short cut to Birds Royd from Huddersfield Road. The council is considering to install speed bumps on Birds Royd Lane, which could make the Woodhouse scheme ineffective.

Last month, Birds Royd Lane was allocated £250,000 to begin feasibility studies for a full reconstruction, as it is a failed road. The concerned councillors say that this would result in the newly installed speed bumps being ripped up soon when the full reconstruction works take place.

Rastrick councillor Sophie Whittaker said: “This is a spectacular waste of taxpayers’ money. Birds Royd Lane is a failed road. We have fought long and hard alongside residents and businesses to get it prioritised for full reconstruction. Early this year, we were pleased that the Council finally allocated funding to do just that - only to hear two months later that they are installing speed bumps.

“By installing speed bumps on Birds Royd Lane this will make the Woodhouse scheme wholly redundant and revert the estate into a rat-run. This, added to the idea that laying speed bumps on a road that largely serves industrial traffic and is to be ripped up in the next year or two, is completely irresponsible of the Council.

“Either the Council departments have failed to speak to one another on this occasion, or they are blasé about managing the public purse. Whichever it is, this is total incompetence.”

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Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategy, Coun Jane Scullion, said: “Works to improve the condition of Birds Royd Lane in Brighouse have been included in this year’s capital programme to ensure we can improve the surface of this road.

“The road also features in plans for the Bradley to Brighouse Greenway which is being delivered in partnership with Kirklees Council who are the promoting authority. Overall, proposals for this scheme include improvements to existing footpaths, bridleways and smaller roads through Bradley and Brighouse, with a new section of route to be built alongside the Calder Hebble Navigation canal towpath.

“The proposals for the Greenway are at an early stage and scheme “optioneering” is still taking place, meaning works are not likely to reach the build stage for some time. Full consultation with all interested parties will certainly be taking place before any final decisions on the scheme are made. Active travel and bus improvements feature very highly on the national travel agenda and in line with national government requirements of all councils across the country, we are looking to make improvements.

“This scheme is separate to the surface improvement works, which are our current priority. Any future works, including the Greenway, will be considered after this improvement work has taken place and may or may not include the installation of speed bumps.”