Use your local market or lose it!

Market traders in Brighouse have issued an urgent appeal to townsfolk - appealing to customers to use it or lose it.

Sunday, 5th June 2016, 4:00 pm
Brighouse Markets manager Stuart Treacy

As reported in last week’s Echo, profits of the town centre’s outdoor market which is situated in Canal Street are rapidly declining.

Butcher Geoff Newman said: “Trade is noticeably going down.”

He added that more stalls were becoming empty each week and footfall had decreased by almost a third this year.

Mr Newman, who has operated at the market since 1999, suggested that the main reason behind the drop was because of a gowing trend and ease to do online shopping.

He added that the younger generation did not appear to have any interest in local traditional markets.

Market manager, Stuart Treacy said another reason behind the fall could be the move of Tesco’s, which used to neighbour the market, to the other side of Brighouse.

“I started to notice the change when Tesco moved around 10 years ago. People used to park their cars there and come over.”

Mr Treacy added that he walked around the town regularly and claimed local shops were even being affected.

The market is now down by 15 traders, one of the lowest figures it has ever seen, he said.

Other stall holders said that most people weren’t willing to pay the price of car parking when they could go somewhere else and park for free.

Brighouse shopper, Angela Stanislaus, said she enjoyed visiting the market on Wednesdays and purchasing things from the hardware and card stall.

When asked why she thought the market had lost its sparkle, she said: “Like most situations, the weather has a huge impact on the market, especially because it is outside. Parking is also an issue for some as it is expensive and isn’t worth paying for a quick stop at the market”.

To help tackle the downfall, Mr Treacy said that the market will be introducing a new incentive starting this month, which will offer deals to customers on selected stalls.

He urged Brighouse people to suport the market.