Photo by Tracey SmithPhoto by Tracey Smith
Photo by Tracey Smith

Thunderstorm: 16 amazing photos of last night's dramatic thunder and lightning storm over Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Brighouse, Todmorden and Sowerby Bridge

There was an incredible thunder and lightning storm over Calderdale last night.

Loud rumbles could be heard, the sky was lit up and there was hail and rain as the storm made its way across the borough.

For some residents, the weather caused temporary power blackouts.

One said: “The lightning hit something close by and literally blew the plug up on our router! Very scary!”

And another said: “It knocked my power out. My friend across the valley said she saw it touch down near my house, then the whole Sowerby hillside went black!”

Take a look at these brilliant photos of the storm taken by Courier readers.