Rastrick resident thinks Calderdale Council does not care about problems with roads

The state of the roads is becoming a real issue
The state of the roads is becoming a real issue

Adding to the recent comments Brenda McClean made about the state of the roads around Rastrick and whether they will be fixed or not, the simple and straight forward answer is no.

The council of Calderdale district do not care about existing problems, they would rather bury their already blinkered heads in the sand and create more problems by building so called “affordable” housing in an already bottle necked community.

The council would rather waste public money on endlessly repairing roads that are obviously in dire need of re-surfacing as no patching job will suffice.

Whatever happened to all the money paid every year by the subdued motorist? I think it is called “road tax”?

I have to use the roads Brenda named every single day, with the obvious disastrous results in repairs required to my car.

My front suspension has been totally broken, through all the constant driving over potholes in these roads which are constantly being repaired, but even after each repair, still uneven!

Councillor Barry Collins has to look at the problem realistically: how much money are countless people spending on their cars?

We do not have money trees in this community.

We don’t want another swathe of cars “polluting” the atmosphere with your “Garden Villages” and destroying the roads even more with the bigger mess that will be created, caused by an even tighter bottle neck.


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